JavaScript Object Notation

JSON is a lightweight data-interchange format, consisting of a collection of name/value pairs.

JSON is text, which can be converted from any Javascript object and sent to the server.

JSON received from the server can be converted back to Javascript objects.

This intereation between the browser and a server allows users to easily transfer data without the complications of parsing and translations.

Adoption of JSON has been rapidly growing on numerous websites throughout the world.

JSON is used as the primary communication language in AJAX, which is a method used to communicate between websites and servers.


        "Shoe Name": "Nike Presto",
        "Shoe Size": "9.5",
        "Shoe Price": "$120.00"
        "Shoe Name": "Adidas Ultra Boost",
        "Shoe Size": "11",
        "Shoe Price": "$179.99"
        "Shoe Name": "Common Projects Achilles Low",
        "Shoe Size": "8.5",
        "Shoe Price": "$410.00"

Comma-Separated Values

CSV files store tabular data in plain text. Formats that typical uses csv are spreadsheets and datebases.

FIles in the CSV format can easily be imported to and exported from programs that store data in tables, such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc.

CSV data forms a 2 dimensional structure where related data is grouped together on each row of text with commas separating each data element. Display below is a common table with values:

Shoe Name Shoe Size Shoe Price
Nike Presto 9.5 $120.00
Adidas Ultra Boost 11 $179.99
Common Projects Achilles Low 8.5 $410.00

Below is the CSV representation of the table show above:

Shoe Name,Shoe Size,Shoe Price
Nike Presto,9.5,$120.00
Adidas Ultra Boost,11,$179.99
Common Projects Achilles Low,8.5,$410.00

Although dated compared to XML and JSON, csv is still widely used throughout the world.

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